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News with information about the Coronavirus

Donderdag 19 Maart 2020

A lot is being asked of our employees at the moment. We have a social obligation to not become infected and to make sure we don’t put others at risk. Therefore, we have decided to take the following precautions:

No family or friends visiting while the maternity nurse is present!
To reduce risk, there will be no family or friends visiting while the maternity nurse is present. We understand this is a drastic measure but at the moment we have no other choice. We need to take good care of each other. We trust you will understand.

Personnel at work
Good to know: ‘Welkom Kraamzorg’ Maternity Care will still deliver the same quality of care as before. We are - and always have been - very aware of maintaining a good standard of hygiene. We are in close contact with the RIVM and GGD and follow the RIVM advice given to the Dutch government on prevention and control of  infectious diseases. We immediately inform our clients  and employees when guidelines change or when special measures (on a national or regional level) are being taken. If a Welkom Kraamzorg employee has been in a high risk area, or in touch with someone (suspected of) coronavirus infection or displaying symptoms herself, then she will temporarily not be scheduled to provide care. This means that in some regions policies for peak times may have to be implemented due to insufficient staffing levels. Should this be necessary, available maternity nurses will be evenly distributed among all maternity families.

In order to meet the government/RIVM requirements to work from home wherever possible, we have decided to turn home visits into phone appointments. If you already have an appointment, or will soon be seven months pregnant, then you will soon be called by Welkom Kraamzorg to make an appointment for a telephone interview.

Tips to prevent contamination 

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • When coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth with your flexed elbow or a tissue.
  • Use paper tissues when you sneeze.
  • Keep a distance when other people are coughing or sneezing.
  • Do not shake hands and do not kiss. Unusual situations will occur because everyone will want to congratulate you on having your baby! Our maternity nurse will not shake hands to say hello or goodbye.


More information?
For more information please refer to the RIVM website: www.rivm.nl/coronavirus/covid-19. You can also call the special telephone number 0800 – 1351. Are you worried or do you worry whether you have symptoms? Please contact your doctor or GP.

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